The program provides consumer-directed services, access to community activities, advocates training for each person to control their lives and have equal access to decision making in their community.

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Information & Referral

  • Referring potential clients and information seekers to resources.
  • Helping individuals connect to the resources they need.
  • Provided in response to any person from any geographical area.
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Individual & System Advocacy

  • Assistance and/or representation in obtaining access to benefits, services, and programs to which an individual may be entitled.
  • Working to change the situations of a whole group of individuals who share a similar problem.
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Peer Counseling

  • Counseling, teaching, information sharing, and similar kinds of contact provided to consumers by other people with disabilities.
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Independent Living Skills Training

  • Providing instruction to develop independent living skills in areas such as personal care, financial management, coping, social skills, and household management.
  • Providing education and training necessary for living in the community and participating in community activities.
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  • Helping individuals integrate into community-based living.
  • Provide assistance to those at risk of entering institutions.
  • Facilitates the transition of youth with disabilities into higher education, the work force, and the community.