F.L.I.P. (Financial Living and Independent Planning)

A comprehensive financial program that works to provide financial stability for our consumers. We seek a professional relationship with our clients and we act as trusted financial advisors.

Develop a financial objective
Develop and achieve financial goals
Managing money skills
Representative Payee Services



Assisting individuals from nursing homes or other institutions to relocate into community based living

Providing assistance to those at risk of entering institutions

Youth Transition: assisting individuals 14-22 develop a plan for post-secondary education, career exploration, independent living skill building, work-readiness training, community living and participation

Self determination skills
Expand horizons, expectations, and community connections
Housing goals
Mock interviews
Employment / post secondary goals
Resume workshops
Budgets & credit & finance education


Future Choices can provide Alternative Personal Protection Guardianship services when legal parties are involved. Person and/or estate

Legally binding

Requirements for Future Choices to provide guardianship:

Need based
Court appointed
No willing representatives

Supported Decision Making

Supported Decision Making

We find tools to help individuals with disabilities understand, consider, and communicate decisions regarding health, housing, and other aspects of life. This allows an individual with disabilities to retain their decision making capacity and helps them make their own informed decisions.

Using plain language materials or audio/visual substitutions
Bringing a supporter in to appointments and meetings to take notes
Creating pros and cons lists

Power of Attorney services can be provided for individuals who may need someone to act on their behalf in the future to make medical decisions.

Healthcare Representative services can be provided to support knowledge and understanding regarding all healthcare situations.

Personal Service Assistance (PSA)

Transportation - In certain circumstances, an individual may need to travel outside of county lines, such as for doctor’s appointments. Community transportation may have limitations. Under these circumstances, we can provide transportation.

Running errands
Household chores

Supported Decision Making

Pre-Employment Transition Service (Pre-ETS)

We provide students with disabilities who are between the ages of 14-22 vocational rehabilitation services.

Job exploration counseling
Work-based learning experiences
Workplace readiness training
Counseling on postsecondary opportunities
Instruction in self-advocacy

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